Becca’s Make Shift Happen Retreat literally changed my life! I was finding success in my business

 but something was lacking. The determination and belief in myself that was needed to take it to 

the next level was not there. At her retreat, she spoke words of affirmation and they were posted 

all over the retreat location. Through this positive environment and various activities, I began to 

feel a sense of confidence and excitement I had not experienced before. The negative thoughts and 

feelings I had experienced so many times in my life and my business were no longer a part of my 

self-talk. My business has flourished since the retreat and I reached the highest level of leadership

 possible, in turn, increasing my income significantly over the two years since the event. The 

retreat changed the way I lead my team as well. Words of affirmation are important to be spoken.

 There are so many who do not have that person in their life filling them with belief. I learned how

 to incorporate those positive phrases into my conversations with my team, helping them to feel a 

sense of confidence and truly have the determination to go for their biggest dreams imaginable. If

Becca were having a retreat next week, I’d be packing my bags and clearing my calendar to make

 it happen! -CEO Shonda Clayton

Debby Carter

"I loved the message you shared at Author-Con! What a powerful and beautiful way to live! Thank 

you for changing my life in that moment!"-Debby Carter

Kristy Johansen

"Becca you are an amazing speaker. You  inspired, encouraged and were truly used as a conduit for healing and empowerment. Thank you!"-Kristy Johansen

"It's a win-win working with such incredible like minded souls."-Becca Levie



"I have attended multiple retreats lead by Becca Levie and I must say each time I arrive excited 

and each time I leave EMPOWERED! Empowered to believe in myself and free to not let lifes 

challenges cripple me but propel me into my greatness. If you are ready for a shift in your life,

ready to dream bigger and live the life you were born for, take the leap, make it happen and attend


her retreats."-  Karey Bowens  American Airlines  Manager Debt Admin Treasury and 9-5 Excuse Buster. 

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I Am Incredibly Thankful

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Becca Levie's retreats and it was nothing short of amazing!! This is an experience I will never forget. The retreat was very well rounded, thought provoking and capitivating to say the least. The practices that I learned have helped the shape my self confidence personally and professionally. Becca has a unique way of pouring into a room, yet making you feel like you're are the only one present. I have so many success stories since attending this retreat that are a direct reflection of the love, wisdom and tools that were provided. To say I am incredibly thankful I made the investment to go is an understatement!!" -Theresa Gauche

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