Raise Your Vibrational Energy

Own Your Crap-Own Your Life
& tap into
your highest vibration

Your Vibrational Signature 

is the most 

powerful currency 

you own.

Crap Alchemy the process you have been missing and the key t


Our Vibrational Signature

Aloha fellow traveler, I am Becca Levie and I am the Crap Alchemist

Everyday I practice owning my crap, being vulnerable, leveling up, 

taking leaps and owning the beauty and power of my

Vibrational Signature

Our Vibrational Signature is the most powerful currency we own. 

Most people are spending their 'VS' currency without having any clue 

they are actually "purchasing" everything that is happening to them. 

Our vibration every moment of every day is attracting our reality and 

our future.

This is why understanding our Vibrational Signatures importance 

and power is the key to living the life you not only dream of but also 

have been created to live. 

I am excited to share with you my daily Crap Alchemy principles and 


The Crap Alchemy principles and practices will raise your vibrational 

signature the most powerful currency you own. 

When you raise your vibrational signature you will begin to attract 

the opportunites, people, resources, everything you need to live the life 

of peace prosperity joy and fullfillment you were created to live. 

My daily practices have aligned me with my purpose, 

peace, joy and prosperity.  My simple daily practices

have brought so much abundance of all good things

that gratitude is my constant companion. 

Each day as I practice being, the being of light, 

love and abundance I already am,

I let go of and unlearn all the unhealthy dysfunctional "shoulds"

and "have too's"  the not good enough, and other destructive lies that 

were beaten, shamed and guilted into my heart,

mind and spirit. Click here to read more....

So Many Great Things Await You!

Learn how to Raise your Vibration and Connect with Everything You Need that is Already Within You and Within Your Reach.


Doing what you have always done

 can only take you where you already are. 

 I believe you are reading this right now

because you already know you have something more to do.

This is why you can't settle, be happy or satisfied with where you are at.

Lack of connection with your intended vibrational signature 

can lead to stress, impatience, anger, grief and even illness. 

Not owning and aligning with your vibration leads to anxiety and even 


The good news is you attracted me. I can assist you on your journey. 

A journey to understanding and owning your 

Crap and Vibrational Signature

impact, imprint and power. 

When you own your unique crap and vibrational signature

you find peace, passion, purpose and prosperity.

And you can change the world.


Own  your Vibrational Signature & find purpose & prosperity. 

We all have a unique one-of-a-kind soul and vibrational signature.

When you are in alignment with who you have been created to be 

you become alive with a drive and passion for life and serving others

 that will light you up like a Christmas tree.

Learn the practices and principles that will bring you into powerful 

alignment with your highest vibrational signature and align you with the 

people and resources waiting to support and join you in your journey.

You are more than you know, see or feel in this moment. 

Connect with others who are on the same journey and form life long friendships. Attend one of my Take the Leap Retreats. 

Take the Leap and start living the life of impact that is

 only yours to live.  


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